FINALLY: An umpire-centric umpire association has a simple proposition, let’s not make it hard for umpires to get training or attend meetings. Traditional umpire training association meetings are based on a model developed decades before there were computers. optimizes the use of 21st Century training and meeting tools to greatly reduce barriers to entry, increases the number of officials available to umpire field hockey games, and has high professional and fitness requirements:

  1. TIME & TRAVEL: Dealing with the realities of Covid-19 has highlighted the ability to hold meetings and training sessions using online technologies that facilitate membership from those with demanding personal and work schedules, opening the door to officials who can’t otherwise join a chapter. This is a travel-friendly approach which will reduce the time and expense of car travel to attend and return home from meetings four to five times a season.’s approach also encourages membership from those who are concerned with minimizing their carbon footprint and is particularly helpful to those who cannot regularly afford babysitters to attend evening meetings
  2. AVAILABILITY: There are officials who have to join multiple umpire associations, and meet each associations meeting requirements, just to umpire at schools within a short 20-minute drive from their homes or workplaces., because it is not tied to a particular geographic area, allows members to easily accept assignments from multiple assignors, and travel to any game that is ‘local’ to the umpire. This umpire-centric approach is different than the geographic-centric approach of regionally based associations and will give assignors more officials to assign to games
  3. PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT: Members must be Umpire Members in good standing with USA Field Hockey and be SafeSport certified
  4. PHYSICAL FITNESS: Members must complete standardized testing that measures speed, endurance, and/or agility’s Online Umpiring Course, written and presented by Cris Maloney, is available online for $39.99. Sign up now by clicking here.

Maloney is also the author of Field Hockey: Understanding the Game (available from Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping).

Welcome to UmpireHockey is a not-for-profit organization of field hockey umpires from across the USA. Utilizing the web, will hold meetings, provide instructor-led training courses, and conduct umpire coaching sessions. Chapters are formed on a state-by-state basis. Get started by taking the UmpireHockey Online Umpiring Course, written and presented by Cris Maloney, is available online for $39.99. Available separately, you can purchases a copy of Field Hockey: Understanding the Game (one of the most highly rated books on the subject on The book cost $14.99 plus shipping.